Faculty Liaison Librarians

   Rangsit University Library designates all of the librarians to communicate with professors and students in each faculty. There are roles and duties as follows:

   1. To procurement coordinate the information resources between faculties and the Library.

   2. Support data to prepare the instructional media or researches for professors.

   3. Report the amount of information resource, cost, and balance of the semester and the academic year.

   4. Public relations activities and various services of the library.

   5. The suggestion of library usage

   6. Demonstration/training to use the database at accepts library.

   7. Introduction to compiling and writing a bibliography list.

   8. Participating in the faculty activities.

   9. Welcoming the committee from the Ministry of Education.

List of librarians in each faculty

Faculty List of Librarians Contact e-mail
Physical Therapy Ms.Rattanapornn Ghas-o'soth 3463 rattanapornn.g@rsu.ac.th
Digital Art Ms.Lamai Prakonsi 3462 lamai.p@rsu.ac.th
Optometry Ms.Prateep Chinbodee 3463 prateep.c@rsu.ac.th
Medical Technology Mrs.Narumon Pruegsasil 3467 narumon.p@rsu.ac.th
Biomedical Technology Ms.Sureerataya Bonsanphan 3462 sureerataya.b@rsu.ac.th
College of Digital Innovation and Information Technology Ms.Prateep Chinbodee 3463 prateep.c@rsu.ac.th
Law Mrs.Dowrat Tanrat 3462 dowrat.v@rsu.ac.th
College of Communication Arts Mrs.Yaowarat Bangsalee 3476 yaowarat.b@rsu.ac.th
Accountancy Mrs.Patchara Hancharoenkit 3457 patchara.h@rsu.ac.th
College of Pharmacy Mrs.Narumon Pruegsasil 3467 narumon.p@rsu.ac.th
Science Ms.Rattanapornn Ghas-o'soth 3463 rattanapornn.g@rsu.ac.th
Liberal Arts Mrs.Dowrat Tanrat 3462 dowrat.v@rsu.ac.th
Suryadhep Teachers College Ms. Aphawan Yamsin 3462 aphawan.y@rsu.ac.th
College of Design Ms.Lamai Prakonsi 3462 lamai.p@rsu.ac.th
Architecture Ms.Sureerataya Bonsanphan 3462 sureerataya.b@rsu.ac.th
Aviation Institute Ms. Aphawan Yamsin 3462 aphawan.y@rsu.ac.th
Conservatory of Music Mrs.Yaowarat Bangsalee 3476 yaowarat.b@rsu.ac.th
College of Social Innovation Mrs.Dowrat Tanrat 3462 dowrat.v@rsu.ac.th
International College Mrs.Patchara Hancharoenkit 3457 patchara.h@rsu.ac.th
Business Administration Mrs.Patchara Hancharoenkit 3457 patchara.h@rsu.ac.th
College of Medicine Ms. Pornnipak Santanawanit 02-354-8054 -