Rangsit University attaches great importance to the library. Therefore, the university has built a library building.
The library began construction on December 23, 1987, which has an area of 9,300 square meters that divides the area about 1,000 square meters for other departments on the first floor and another 8,000 square meters for the library which the capacity of this room can hold a maximum of 2,000 people and can contain four millions of books. The library was completed in September 1989. This library has a total budget of approximately 37 million baht. This makes it can provide information resources, and users can quickly and conveniently access information.

The library building was officially opened on November 9, 1989, by Mr. Tawich Klinprathum, Minister of University Affairs at that time.

In the year 1987, the university approved the library as an institution with an equivalent status to the faculty. By name "Office of The Library." The university has appointed a person to be the director who graduated master's degree in the Faculty of Library Science in April 1987. Due to the service has expanded widely, with the introduction of information technology in operations, therefore, requesting to use the new name in Thai and English language as “Rangsit University Library and Information Center” which has been approved in the years 1995-2002. After that, returning to using the original name “Rangsit University Library."